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Societas Succinorum in Polonia

About jet

Jet - a semi-precious stone of organic origin.

Jet is a product of decomposition of wood from 180 million years ago, most often wood from the Araucariaceae family.

color jet stone

Jet is brown coal, the lowest rank coal, but it is a precious stone.
Unlike onyx, it is warm to the touch.

It can be easily polished to a glossy surface. It is derived from wood that has been transformed under extreme pressure in a moist, oxygen-free environment.
Even the cellular structure of wood can be detected under high magnification.
It electrifies like amber.
It smells of paraffin when heated (so you can identify a fake).

Latin name: gagates.

Each of our products can have amber and jet stones.


Udział w targach Amberif i Ambermart 2009 oraz 2010 - Projekt współfinansowany przez unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego oraz z budżetu państwa
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