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Societas Succinorum in Polonia

about amber

Baltic amber is 40 million years old.

Amber often called "tears of Baltic" or "Northern Gold" is the ancient resin of pine trees - Keteleeria and Pseudolarix. The resin has gone through a number of changes over millions of years. The result of this metamorphosis is an exceptional gem with extraordinary properties. It is exploited and used by both craftsmen and scientist. Amber in different from other stones is very warm when you take him in your hands. In Germany amber called "Bernstein" - (Firestone)

Amber is said to have a good influence on entire organism thanks to it's cleansing and purifying properties. It's also well known for it's electromagnetism, which may be used to fight depression and fatigue. Monks over the centuries have used this stone to intensify theirs mystical visions and to reach a state of clairvoyance.

Only less then 20% of the samples of amber collected may be used in jewellery production. Lux Company uses only highest quality Baltic amber.

Quality !

The quality of amber guarantee certificate Societas Succinorum in Polonia.


Udział w targach Amberif i Ambermart 2009 oraz 2010 - Projekt współfinansowany przez unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego oraz z budżetu państwa
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